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The next “Sunday Project” series will be stacking.  This has been something I’ve been toying around with for a little over a year now without realizing what it was that I was doing.   In fact, said photo was the second of this version of my website.  The URL still reads “portfolio-test-2”.  Apparently I am […]… Continue Reading

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For this week, the photo was taken while there was still some light out.  This gives the photo a bluer look than most of the series.  This also limited the exposure time in comparison, though.  The result is a bit Instantgramy.… Continue Reading

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This photo was taken on a local stretch of interstate highway.   The road crossing yellow line is due to a turn in the road.… Continue Reading

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This month’s color, for those who missed the schedule, is blue.  As a warning, the updates may fall off of their Tuesday/Thursday schedule some due to increased activity at my day job.  If I’m off by a day I’ll back date said photo.  I did this with the June 6 entry.  If there is a […]… Continue Reading